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The Education Landscape Is Changing Faster Than Ever Before,

Are You Aligned?

“3 out of 4 employees will be millennials in 2025. This calls for new approaches to education.”

Brookings Institution

“61 % agree training is a significant reason for staying in their current job.”

American staffing Association

“87% reports career benefits participating in an online course.”

Harvard Business Review

Learn how you can seize the benefits of Digital Education

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If digital education piques your interest, you need Henrik J. Mondrup

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“We have increased our learners results by 20% thanks to Henrik’s framework. No longer do we only tell facts and theory to our learners. Now, we include case studies, storytelling and assignments, which has helped our learners to change their work behaviour.”

Niels Peter Ryegaard, Psychologist
CEO, Fairstart Foundation

“Training staff in more than 1000 retail stores around the world is challenging. Fortunately, Henrik J. Mondrup’s framework has enabled our best sales trainers to create online courses. Now, they can train all staff at once and they also know the secret of motivating them to use the new knowledge on their job.”

Ulrich Topp,
Store Concept Manager, BESTSELLER

“I’ve saved a lot of time and ressources. Henrik J. Mondrup’s framework has helped me to get a structure on my knowledge and transform it into an online course in a time efficient way. And the feedback I’ve received from my customers are much greater than I’ve ever expected!”

Thomas Stege Bojer, Entrepreneur
Founder, Denimhunters

“It was a very inspiring talk and the audience got a glimpse into the future of education from a speaker who knew what he was talking about”.

Tommy V. Christiansen, Legal 500 Lawyer

What Makes Henrik J. Mondrup’s Talks So Different!

Mondrup is an author and sought-after international speaker, having presented at conferences and events across North America and Europe. His talks draw on his expansive knowledge about learning theory and insights into the learner’s brain, combined with his experience from working with NGO’s, Universities, Start ups and multi-national corporations.

Schedule a talk from Mondrup today. Why? Because a talk from Mondrup will teach you: 1) how digital education is changing the education landscape for teachers and learners. 2) how digital education is changing workplace practices and improving overall productivity. And 3) how digital learning can be combined with on-the-job activities to ensure a change in the learners work behaviour.

Read about how it started

When I started speaking in front of small business networks in 2013 about what I believed was the future of education – digital learning – I met with a lot of skepticism.

I remember one situation where a respected and influential man stood up in front of an audience and told me that I was never going to succeed, and that digital learning was just a passing fad. My stomach and my throat changed places that day.

A short five years after that experience and his comments, more than 100 million people worldwide had enrolled in online courses. Quite the fad.

Meanwhile, I have been presenting and delivering workshops and talks for business leaders, ambassadors and learning networks, both in Denmark, throughout Europe and the US. I have assisted major companies in creating, delivering and leveraging the power of digital learning. It’s not a fad. Digital learning is here to stay and grow. Organizations must adapt to and master it.”

“Henrik is working in the intersection between education and technology. It is innovative and scalable, and there is a huge market potential”.

Henrik Vistisen,
Business Development Centre Central Denmark

What’s Talks Can I Get?

How much do you know about the future of education? How ready are you for the demand of Generation Y
How many of your colleagues or employees are not getting the benefits digital learning? How much potential growth are you missing out on? A lack of insights into digital learning may already be costing you a great deal.


Seizing the Modern Workplace Opportunities of MOOCs
Three key points in the talk:
An introduction to MOOCs
Best practices for using MOOCs for employee training
How to ensure change and a long lasting learning outcome
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Digital Education and the Future workplace
Three key points in the talk:
The digital change in workplace learning
Current trends and best practices
How to up-skill the new workforce
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Tailor-made talk
Get a talk that is tailor made for your or your organization. For example:
Online course creation
Learning theory
Engaging videos
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